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Drain Location Service

Camera Inspection and Location services. We can look for possible needed repairs to your mainline drain. This involves Video Inspection. With this system, we will be able to see the inside of your drain (eye in the pipe) and diagnose any problems with your drain. Once we see the problem, we then, if necessary locate the specific area above ground and mark the location for a dig and pipe replacement or repair.

Drain Location Service

Drain Inspection

There are several ways we can camera your sewer drain for inspection. Either through your clean out, closet – Toilet hole, or vent stack. Once we determine the best access point, we then insert the camera head along with the push rod and push the camera through all the while viewing the inside of your pipe by way of monitor. We can see the interior of your drain and determine the problem. Once we perform a camera inspection and see where the drain issue is, we then can better determine the best course of action.

Usually there is pipe degradation based upon root intrusion. Or, based upon settling ground 0r simply old aged pipe that has rusted out and fallen apart. If the drain cannot be snaked out enough to restore full flow or if your drain keeps on clogging and want to put that to an end, camera inspection and location is the first thing needed as you cannot repair a drain unless you know where the problem is.

If you looking to find out whats going on with your drains, or simply need to have your drain located with our location service, call camera inspection services today for Drain Location Service.